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One-size Pocket Nappy Eucalyptus

€ 19,90 € 9,95

One-size Pocket luier van het mooie Duitse merk Pitipo. De luiers in de webshop zijn niet handgemaakt door mijzelf (alle overige kleding wel). Ik koop ze rechtstreeks in bij Pitipo. Het maken en ontwerpen van een goed passende en vochtopnemende luier is een heel proces. Pitipo produceert luiers van hoogwaardige kwaliteit, zonder tijdens het proces gebruik te maken van chemicaliën. 

Hieronder de productbeschrijving van Pitipo:


Product information "One-size Pocket nappy Eucalyptus"

Our One-Size Pocket Nappy is slim-fitting, stretchy, and dries fast. It will adapt to your baby’s growth right through to potty training. Simply use the poppers to adjust the pocket nappy’s height and the hook-and-loop-fastener to adjust the width. Our tried-and-tested nappy gives you fit options for babies from 3.5 – 16 kg (7 – 35 lbs), which makes it a perfect birth-to-potty nappy.

What is the One-size Pocket Nappy made of?

Our pocket nappy consists of a waterproof outer and an inner layer made of microfleece that wicks moisture away from your baby’s tender skin. Microfleece stays super soft even after many washes and it’s quick drying. If your baby’s skin is especially sensitive to moisture, microfleece is your go-to option because of it is great wicking properties. With double leg cuffs, the All-in-One nappy provides better leakage protection.

Please note: The boosters for the pocket nappy are needed extra. Here we have bamboo boosters and cotton boosters to choose from.

How does the One-Size Pocket Nappy work?

There’s a pocket inside the nappy that holds the absorbent inserts or boosters. Just use two or even three of these highly absorbent nappy boosters at times when you’d like a lot of wicking, e.g., at night. We also recommend using a nappy liner that will let the wee through to the absorbent inserts but will catch the poo for easy disposal.

How do I wash the One-Size Pocket Nappy?

We recommend storing the nappy for washing after you’ve changed it two or three times. The nappy boosters have to be washed each time you changed nappies. If you’re using a nappy liner, empty any solids (aka poo) into the toilet and dispose of the nappy liner in the general waste bin. There are also washable and reusable nappy liners that you can rinse off before you wash them with your other nappy laundry.

We think it’s more convenient to wash nappies every 2 – 3 days. Just store your used nappies in a wet bag between washes. Please remove all nappy boosters before the wash. Our nappies are washable at 40 °C with a bleach-free detergent. Please do not use fabric softener and do not tumble-dry. Our One-Size Pocket Nappy will air-dry quickly. We recommend using the laundry detergents by Ulrich Natürlich. We swear by the Nappy Detergent with Odour Control.

Pitipo’s pro-tip – prepare your pocket nappy for next use immediately after it has dried completely, following these simple steps:

  • Adjust the size
  • Place your nappy booster(s) inside the pocket
  • Optional: Add a nappy liner as a top layer to catch your baby’s poo (place it on top so that it touches your baby’s bottom)
  • Close the nappy – done!

Material composition of our One-Size Pocket Nappy:

Outer / shell: 100 % PES (PUL / PU coating)

Inner / lining: 100 % PES microfleece

This nappy is OEKO-TEX certified

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